Who We Are?

Who We Are

Here’s a little bit about the people behind FreeMissionWebsites

Followers of Jesus

Why would we give away our precious time and talents? Why would we help folks that we will probably never meet face to face? Why would we spend our energy helping you do better ministry? The answer is simple: Because Jesus Christ did more for us than we could ever even begin to thank Him for.

All of the folks that work on the websites we build are committed followers of Christ. We do this because we want to see YOU succeed in spreading the Gospel and loving those in need in better and more effective ways. We believe that God has given us our gifts and talents in order that we may help others and spread his message of love. We’re doing this to serve you and serve those that your mission impacts.

We’re Artists

As artists, we love to create. We love to design. We love to make things beautiful. We believe that websites that are more beautiful are more useful and impact visitors in deeper ways than those that are not. We want to use the tools of web design to impact website visitors in order to encourage them to get involved with or support your mission.

We’re Geeks

As geeks, we’ve got a love for building functionality on your website that improves productivity, allows quicker and more detailed communication between you and your supporters, and generally we like to make things work smoothly so you never have to worry about whether your website is working properly or not. We have a passion to improve the methods you use to do mission by using the latest technologies on our websites.